Berk Travel Tousrism Agency is not a conventional travel agency. It is a different class of its own creation. Seamlessly combining consulting, concierge services, event management and travel packages. We transcend far beyond a simple travel service. Instead we offer travel solutions, expertly tailored to suite the corporate world or personalized efficiently to individual taste. Precise research and state of the arch modernized technology are tailored with a highly personalized service to present an infinite spectrum of first class and innovative travel ideas. Our goal at Berk is to offer our customers first class service while we open the gates to new destinations and experiences. Our company promise is to push the boundaries of your journeys.

At the core of Berk Travel Tourism Agency is an unwavering belief in individualism. We place the utmost importance on person choices, preferences, and tastes. Today’s world is one of globalization, mass production, and bland uniformity. We instead aspire to break away from all things common, ordinary, and uninspiring by nurturing inimitable individual distinctiveness. Our measure of success is expanding horizons and exceeding expectations to a point of surprise. We make our business personal. Exactly the way that travel and hospitality were intended to be before they became detached industries. We develop long term relationships in place of cordial financial transactions refining and redefining the art of hospitality along the way.

At Berk Travel Tourism Agency we firmly believe in establishing a partnership with the members of its team. We do not hire employees, but instead cultivate consultants. Our staff is carefully selected and continuously trained in all the aspects that we touch upon – from intrapersonal communication and client care to research and product development. Reflecting the spirit of international travel and cross-cultural exploration, we have created a truly multinational company. Our consultants hail from all sides of the globe, further adding insight and value as we help you explore different destinations and cultures. The languages spoken at Berk Travel Tourism Agency are: Arabic, English, Turkish, ,Chinese, French Locations & Facilities We are located in the heart of Khartoum in the state of the ark recently built Mall Alwaha providing a serene and unique atmosphere suited perfectly towards exploring and realizing your travel desires. Where We Meet Being in a class of our own means that we offer our guests something extraordinary different from the first time we meet. We believe that complete privacy is essential in creating exceptionally tailored travel options; and so we have done away with the standard and impersonal counters, replacing them with intimate furniture. We meet each guest one on one, ensuring the utmost attention to individual tastes and needs. Our furniture has a distinct layout and ambience, meaning we cater to the moods and tastes of our guests down to the seating area we meet them in.

The key to our exceptional quality and infinitely high standards lies in our unique way of working. Berk travel is wholly centered around quality assurance, in fact we have set up an entire Quality Control Department to make sure we are entirely on track. We have developed highly advanced information desk to streamline our processes, packages, and products. These IT solutions do away with human error and eliminate the most bogged down aspects of our business. This leaves our team completely free to focus on the smallest details that standard travel services don’t have time for. As a result, our consultants’ efficiencies is unsurpassed. Their attention to detail unrivaled and our customers satisfaction incomparable. But even the most sophisticated technology is worthless without meticulous human input. A truly personal business manner is the core of Berk Travel’s philosophy and so we assign specific consultants to cater to each of our guests. We partner our guests with consultants that best match their personality, background, and requirements in order to capture the passions of our guests as accurately as possible.

Berk Travel Tourism Agency does not believe in offering readymade standardized packages . In fact, we have quite the opposite philosophy as we design services and customize options in lieu of each Guests’ specific tastes. Here at Berk Travel Toursim Agency we cater exclusively to the uniqueness of your travel aspirations and desires. As we tailor our offerings to fit your dreams, we continuously develop an extensive database – harvesting the very best of what the world has to offer in terms of events, activities, and themes. Whether it is a specific destination or a precise experience you seek, we are both able and willing to provide any service in literally any area on the globe. It goes without saying that we offer the same quality of service within Africa as we do when you travel with us abroad. Let us show you your backyard in a new light, guiding you into unique experiences exploring the hidden gems and most exclusive local destinations and range of activites.
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